Lactose intolerance I laugh at thee…bring on the milk!

I am lactose intolerant. Or at least I thought I was.

For years I did not make the connection between my ice cream binges and the gurgling guts and traumatizing gaseous emission that soon followed…I admit, I was not mindfully eating.  My lactose intolerance not only effected me, but those around me. I remember, taking a cruise, about a decade ago, with a good friend.  During the trip, in true all you can eat fashion, I indulged in foods I had no business eating, which included eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch an dinner. Anyway, I guess a week of steady waves of my gaseous donations to the air quality, a side effect of my creamery addictions, had piled up.  So while in the airport, my desire to get a pint of milk to wash down my other addiction, a Cinnabon, was the final straw!  I think the exact words were…”you want milk, you are just selfish.”  Yikes!

Fast forward a year, to when I vacationed in a few West African countries. At that time, my ice cream addiction was still in full effect.  However, a strange thing happened. Despite my breakfast, lunch and dinner ice cream indulgences, the bubble guts never made an appearance. I was starting to become more aware of the connection between what I ate and how I felt, even though the awareness did not necessarily change my behavior….at least not at the time. So you know what I thought…thats right, I was mysterious cured from lactose intolerance!  WRONG!!

Upon returning to America, I was eager to test my newly improved situation.  I bought a half gallon of the ice cream brand that brags about only having four ingredients, all of which are easily read by a 4 year old…you know the one.  Needless to say, the bubble guts, that I thought I had been delivered from, resurfaced. Drats!!!   I forget what motivated the change, but within the year, I reduced my ice cream addiction and transitioned from whole to 2%, then to the milk-water (skim milk), and then ultimately cutting cow’s milk out completely. I transitioned to nut milks (Almond and Coconut) and surrendered to the “fact” that cow’s milk and I could never be friends…in America.  However, in 2012, during my year of living abroad in South Korea, I drank yogurt almost daily without incidence.  Kinda makes you wonder, what is so “special” about the homogenized, pasteurized milk in America…hmmmmmm.

In 2013, after almost a decade of not drinking cow’s milk in America, my desire to have it was reawakened.  I had watched a presentation by Sally Fallon (click HERE), a Weston Price supporter, and the wealth of information she shared gave me the courage to experiment with raw milk.  This form of milk is the most complete form of milk there is.  It contains natural fats, that my cells love, happy bacteria that my gut loves, as well as vitamins, minerals and enzymes that my entire body LOVES!  And no, the bubbles and emissions have not returned! Amen!

So what is the difference?

1. What is true of all consumers, is true of cows- they are what they eat and assimilate. Therefore, unlike cows that are restrained in pens all day and fed grains that fill but do not nourish them, the cows that are allowed to graze, and eat grass, while socializing and basking in the sun, are able to produce healthy, rich and safe milk.

2. The raw milk has not been homogenized, pasteurized nor oxidized.  So the healing probiotics, that helps boost out digestive and immune health, are left in tact. Click HERE to read more on what that process involves.

The side effect of my experiment was improved digestive health (due to the happy and friendly flora in the milk) and release of a few unnecessary pounds.  I encourage you to experiment, as it is the only way to determine what works for you.

So is milk good for you?   I believe it depends on the source. 

For a state-by-state breakdown of current raw milk laws across the country, check out the following:

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