Applying the Legacies of Health to Everyday Life

Lent 2014: Bliss or Bust

Hey Beloved, Can I share something with you?… So, my Sistah-Friend and I were discussing our lent plans the other day. Before you ask, no I am not Catholic, however, I wouldn’t want to pass up on […]

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Slippery Elm Porridge

Eat to heal: Using the bark to repair the root This is an awesome breakfast option for people who suffer from: abdominal cramps bloating/excessive gas eczema constipation pass mucus with their stool Since the health of the […]

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Lactose intolerance I laugh at thee…bring on the milk!

I am lactose intolerant. Or at least I thought I was. For years I did not make the connection between my ice cream binges and the gurgling guts and traumatizing gaseous emission that soon followed…I admit, I […]

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