Upgrading Fertility & Reproductive Health…Naturally

3 Ways to make ovulation a SENSE-ual experience

Have you been trying to conceive, but are unable to become pregnant?  If yes, then you might benefit from tapping into your inner princess… Do you remember the story of the “The Princess and the Pea“? In […]

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SENSE-ational Preconception Prep: 5 Steps to Richer Nutrient Intake

When preparing your body for your sacred journey to parenthood, it is vital to flood your cells with a huge array of nutrients as well as get in enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For example, antioxidants will […]

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Could Flouride be threatening your health?

Your alarm tells you its time to depart from your cozy bed and you’ve run out of snooze options. You drink the glass of water that’s been waiting patiently on your nightstand as you slept, to replenish […]

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