3 Ways to make ovulation a SENSE-ual experience

Have you been trying to conceive, but are unable to become pregnant?  If yes, then you might benefit from tapping into your inner princess…

princess and pea 

Do you remember the story of the “The Princess and the Pea“? In the childhood story, the identity of a stranger, who claimed to be a princess, was confirmed through a test of her SENSE-uality. Her ability to feel and report on a small pea, which had been hidden beneath bed, a stack of 20 high quality mattresses, ultimately resulted in her achieving the happily ever after ending she desired. 

So what does the “Princess and the Pea” have to do with ovulation?

Before we make the connection, first answer the following…

Where you aware that a woman typically ovulates once a month and that the optimal moment of fertility can occur on a different day of the month, from cycle to cycle?

Did you know that it is possible to have a period every 28-35 days, but not ovulate?

Yup…ovulation can occur anywhere from day 12-17 of a period, but contrary to common belief, it is not the period that is the sign of fertility, but rather the ovulation, or the release of a ripened ovum(egg).  

Missing the window of ovulation, despite being in good health, can result in the frustration of repeated missed conceptions. There are various tools that can make monitoring your ovulation cycle easier. Two such tools are the digital thermometer, which helps you detect your Basal Body Temperature changes and the Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope, which helps helps monitor ovulation by the rate of ferning present in the saliva.

However, ovulation can also be determined through SENSE-ations felt at the vulva (opening of the vagina) throughout the day and visual confirmation of cervical mucus discharged. The practice of charting daily cervical discharge, along with food cravings, and even changing states of emotion, all provide record for women to look back over and get acquainted with the patterns of their own fertility.  Over time, you will become more SENSE-ative to the changes in your body, which accompany your ovulation. As women get more in tune with the cycle of their body, they often can detect the release of their “pea”, due to a slight cramp on either side of their body. So like the princess in the story, sensitivity to the slight changes in your body, can fuel your opportunity to get what you most desire.

By learning how to properly observe and chart the signs of fertility, you, and your partner, can then identify the ideal time, for love making, and successfully journey down the road, to conception and parenthood. Proper charting also supports your understanding of what your hormones are doing throughout the cycle; providing clues about potential disruptions in your hormonal harmony, which may have gone undetected. These disruptions could cause anovulation, or a lack of successful ovulation.  

If you find that normal ovulation is not occurring, even though all the tests read normal, then you many benefit f  holistic lifestyle adjustments, to bring your body into natural alignment. 


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